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From Poland
by Danuta Sterna - Thursday, 22 November 2012, 06:24 PM

Hello my friends

Sorry that I use English, but I think that it is better than Polish. But I don’t know Belarussian language.

I am so proud of you. It is marvels – 60 people on course. You are so brief and a very good teachers with open minds.

I want to say, that we use yours “key questions” in ours workshops for teachers. They are very good, and every teacher wanted to watch all presentation of that questions. I told Polish teachers about AA in Belarus very often.

Two days ago I was on a workshop for Polish teachers- Formative Assessment. Teachers said me about a good way - how to work with goals.

They told:

“We hang goals on the wall and ask students to watch moment when goal will be achieve. Then first student is going to the wall and mark that goal. Students notice carefully, because they wants to be first”

It is very simply way, but I recommend you to test it.

Please write me in any subject you want. Unfortunately I understand Russian better than Belarus.


Danuta Sterna

Re: From Poland
by Кіраўнік курса Тамара М. - Thursday, 22 November 2012, 10:38 PM
Danusiu! Dziakuj! Budu pisać tabie belaruskaj lacinkaj i ty ubaczysz, szto usio razumiejesz. Ci nie tak? smile
Vielmi pryhožy malunak! AA u Bielarusi dala dobry uradzaj (zbiory): jablyki, grybysmile
Ja skarystala tvaje malunki dla prezentacyj kursu e-learning.